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Device list

Supported Gateways/Components

IP-Symcon supports all MQTT client devices.

Supported Features

Since IP-Symcon 5.1

  • MQTT 3.1/3.1.1 compatible
  • Clients can connect/disconnect
  • Clients can send messages on topics (QoS 0-2)
  • Clients can subscribe to topics (including filters +/#) (These are always sent with QoS 0)
  • Clients can authenticate with username/password

Since IP-Symcon 5.3

  • Retain (persistent since 5.5)
  • Session Management (See timeout and queue limit settings in the server)
  • Last Will/Testament
  • Publish of a client is only evaluated in IP-Symcon and not forwarded to the other clients

Since IP-Symcon 5.5

  • Persistent retain
  • MQTT clients
  • TLS (Server Sockets)
  • Keep Alive (+ Last Will send on timeout)

Currently missing functions

The following functions are missing but planned

  • QoS 1-2 when sending
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