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Via the OCPP protocol, wallboxes can be conveniently monitored and switched via Symcon.

scope of functions

  • Display of consumption of individual charging points
  • Display of whether a transaction is currently in progress for charging points

software installation

  • Install the 'OCPP' module via the Module Store.
  • Under 'Add instance' the 'OCPP Configurator' module can be found using the quick filter.
  • On the configuration page of the splitter, the information for setting up a charging point can be taken.
    Depending on the wallbox, the parameters must be specified individually or as a complete URL.
  • Once the connection is established, the charging points are displayed in the configurator.


  • For the Pulsar Plus, all schedules must be removed before activating OCPP. Control via OCPP cannot overwrite the configured time schedules, as these always have priority.

status variables: charging point

Name Type Description
manufacturer string name of manufacturer
Consumption value float Display of the consumption of the charge point
Model string Model of the charge point
serial number string serial number of the charge point
Execute transaction boolean Display whether a charge point is currently being used
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