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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 2.2

The POP3 module can be configured using the normal configuration page of the IP-Symcon management console. Parameters such as host, mail, user name and password, refer to the instructions provided by your email provider. For the most popular email providers are presets directly available and can be set using the selection box.

To display the e-mails in the visualization, the timer has to be activated, which checks the inbox of the mailbox cyclically. Only the subject line is be downloaded. The complete e-mail will only be loaded when the visualization gives a prompt to do so.

On the variable LastMessage can be determined if and when new mails arrive. If no e-mails are in the mailbox, the variable has the value 0. Unlike IMAP the display of the number of unread emails for POP3 is not technically feasible.

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