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Require: IP-Symcon >= 2.2

The POP3 module can be configured using the configuration page within the Object Tree of the Management Console. The parameters for host and port can be taken from the manual of the mail provider. The username and password are the login data for the e-mail account.

To display the e-mails in the visualization, the interval must be set. It determines the cyclic request of the inbox. Only the subject line is requested. The complete e-mail will only be loaded when requested by the visualization.

On the variable "Last Message" can be determined if and when new mails arrive. If no e-mails are in the mailbox, the variable has the value 0. Unlike IMAP, the display of the number of unread variables is technically not possible for POP3.

POP3 Konfiguration
Property Description
Host Server name or IP of email provider
Port Port, that is handled by the server
Use SSL Defines if SSL should be used
Verify Peer Verify that hosts SSL certificate is correct (Only visible if Use SSL is active)
Verify Host Verify that host URL from the SSL certificate matches the property Host (Only visible if Use SSL is active)
Use Basic Authentication Defines if a username password is required
Username Username
Password Password
Interval Number of seconds in which the inbox is requested

An overview for host, port, and authentication for many providers can be found here: Table

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