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To use the SMS module an account at http://www.clickatel.com is required.
The following step-by-step guide explains the registration process:

The following URL opens the registration page to register on SMS Gateway: https://www.clickatell.com/central/user/client/step1_new.php?prod_id=2
2. At Step 1 "Clickatell Central" must be selected.
All other fields must be filled. Then confirm the form with "Continue".
3. You get an email that allows you to verify your account.
After the operation, you can login.
4. Before you can buy credits, you will need to verify your mobile number.
5. Purchase the required number of credits.

IP-Symcon can communicate with the gateway when additionally a connection account has been created.

  1. Open the following URL:
  2. Select under “Add Connection” the option “SOAP”.
  3. Apart from the name field you have to enter nothing.
  4. Confirm with “Submit“.
  5. You will receive an API ID that you can specify in IP-Symcon.

Module configuration

The configuration consists of the username and password to Clickatel and the API ID which you have set up in your account.

The sender's number must have been verified in your Clickatel account before you can send SMS.

The formatting of the sender and receiver number should look like this:

Country code prefix
No zeros or + characters must be specified. Example: 49171123456789

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