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Require: IP-Symcon >= 4.1

SMS is an IP-Symcon module which enables sending SMS via Clickatell. A connection to IP-Symcon is established via the REST API.


Since November 2016, Clickatell has only offered the REST API, which IP-Symcon has integrated with the SMS (Clickatell) module.

Installation (REST API)

In order to be able to use the SMS module, an account at clickatell.com is required.
The following step-by-step instructions explain the registration process:

  1. The following URL opens the login page for registering with the SMS gateway:
  2. After confirming the verification email, one must log in at portal.clickatell.com . "Platform" must be selected.
  3. Telephone numbers must be verified and an "integration" set up via the dashboard on the portal.clickatell.com page.
  4. An integration configures the type of communication.
  5. Credit is managed through portal.clickatell.com .

In order for IP-Symcon to be able to communicate with the gateway, the API key for the integration in IP-Symcon must also be entered.

  1. The following URL must be opened:
  2. The "API key" option must be copied.
  3. The APIKey received must be specified in IP-Symcon on the configuration page of the SMS module.

The sender number must be verified in the Clickatell account before this SMS can be sent.

Installation (deprecated, Https API)

This API is no longer supported by Clickatell as of November 2016.
For this reason, the module has been revised.

Integration in IP-Symcon

The configuration consists exclusively of the API key that was set up in the account.


So far there is no way to query the credit with the new REST API. SMS_RequestBalance is still functional only for the old API.

Country Code Area Code Number

No leading zeros need to be specified.
Example: +49171123456789

There is also the option of integrating an automatic country code on the Settings page of the Clickatell homepage.
"Convert mobile numbers into international format"
Thus, the +49 for the country code is omitted.

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