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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 2.2

IP-Symcon offers directly a module, which allows to send e-mails with a single line of code. You can configure the module as an instance in your system. It is to find under manufacturer "None" and "send E-mail (SMTP)". The individual properties you can remove from the table.

Property Meaning
Provider A selection of popular email providers. The selection sets the properties, port, and SSL automatically.
Host Servername or IP to the mail provider
Port Port on which the server is working
SSL Specifies whether SSL should be used
Authentication Specifies whether a username/password is required
Username Your Username (For details, contact your email provider)
Password Your password
Recipient name The name that is visible to the recipient
Recipient address The address that is visible to the recipient. Depending on the provider, the sender's address has to match your own address.
Receiver Only required for SMTP_SendMail function that automatically sends to the recipient of this field.
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