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Text to Speech

The TTS module can convert text to speech. The system-internal speech software or a post-installed one is used for this.

The TTS module can currently only be used in the Windows installation. Alternatively, the "Text to Speech (AWS Polly) " module from the Module Store can be used. This works on all operating systems.

Setup in IP-Symcon

The speech engine and the audio output device can be set in the configuration tab.

In order to make a voice output, the PHP function TTS_Speak or TTS_GenerateFile must be called from a script.

The TTS_Speak function is deprecated and no longer supported on Windows Vista or higher. TTS_GenerateFile works in all versions.

When using TTS_GenerateFile, the use of MediaPlayer is necessary.
An example code can be found under TTS_GenerateFile.


In addition to possible standard voices, other German and international versions can be found here .

Exception Windows Vista/7

In order to be able to use the speech output under Windows Vista/7, the IP-Symcon service must be run as a local user. It should be noted that this means that the IPS_ExecuteEx function is no longer available.

Call up the service management via Start > Run
%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s

Service Overview

Double click on the entry IP-Symcon Environment. The following dialog should open and the password for the current user must be entered in the "Login" tab.

Register Service

After confirming with Apply/OK, the IP-Symcon service must be restarted. The easiest way to stop and start this is via the tray.