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Text to Speech

Before you can use the Text to Speech module under Windows 2000, you must download the following components of Microsoft:

Two German voices are available "LH Stefan" and "LH Anna".

Microsoft Vista already contains an installed Text to Speech, unfortunately only with an english voice. Here you can get a suitable and free german voice from Microsoft: Steffi, about 20MB

However, you can use better engines (e.g. AT&T (Klara 16khz)).
Different languages ​​you find here or here.

To make a speech output, call the PHP command TTS_Speak of a script.

To use the speech output under Windows Vista/7, the IP-Symcon service has to run as local user. Note that the IPS_ExecuteEx function no longer available.

Accessed via Start> Run the service management
%SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s

Select in the properties of the IP Symcon services in the "Log" tab the option "This account" and enter the password for the selected user.

After confirming with OK, the service must be restarted.

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