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 boolean TTS_GenerateFile (int $InstanceID, string $Text, string $Filename, int $Format) 



ID of the device to be switched


Text to be said


Filename/-path in the system

Format Value
Default 0
8kHz, 8Bit, Mono 4
8kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 5
8kHz, 16Bit, Mono 6
8kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 7
11kHz, 8Bit, Mono 8
11kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 9
11kHz, 16Bit, Mono 10
11kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 11
12kHz, 8Bit, Mono 12
12kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 13
12kHz, 16Bit, Mono 14
12kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 15
16kHz, 8Bit, Mono 16
16kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 17
16kHz, 16Bit, Mono 18
16kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 19
22kHz, 8Bit, Mono 20
22kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 21
22kHz, 16Bit, Mono 22
22kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 23
24kHz, 8Bit, Mono 24
24kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 25
24kHz, 16Bit, Mono 26
24kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 27
32kHz, 8Bit, Mono 28
32kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 29
32kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 30
32kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 31
44kHz, 8Bit, Mono 32
44kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 33
44kHz, 16Bit, Mono 34
44kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 35
48kHz, 8Bit, Mono 36
48kHz, 8Bit, Stereo 37
48kHz, 16Bit, Mono 38
48kHz, 16Bit, Stereo 39


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Generated on the instance with ID InstanceID a sound file in WAV format in the file Filename. The format parameter determines the quality of the wav file.

Warning: % was not found in [...] on line …
If the error message appears, it indicates an access problem. Likely the file to be written is locked by another process.
Furthermore, it is not possible to write on NetworkPath.


TTS_GenerateFile(44007, "Hello World", "C:/HelloWorld.WAV", 19);
Any questions?