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Z-Wave is a wireless system used by several manufacturers. Either a LAN or USB gateway is required to connect to IP-Symcon.


The following devices are supported by IP-Symcon:

Supported devices

Integration in IP-Symcon

When using the LAN gateway, this can be integrated via the Device Search. For this purpose, "Z-Wave Discovery" must be selected as the system. The Discovery instance then offers to create a Z-Wave configurator. After the configurator has been created, the individual devices can be integrated there as described below.
If a Z-Wave Configurator is to be created manually, "Z-Wave Configurator" can be searched for in the "Add instance" dialog.

After setting up a Z-Wave configurator, the next step is to teach-in devices.


Care must be taken to select the matching gateway , the matching client socket (default port: 5000) or Serial Port is set up and configured

This is done within the configurator by pressing the "Add device" key and then pressing the teach-in key of the device at least three times in quick succession.
IP-Symcon automatically finds the device and shows this green in the list.
When this is selected and the "Create" button is pressed, IP-Symcon creates an instance of the device, which can then be configured.
The configuration window of the instance can be opened via "Configure" in the Z-Wave Configurator or in the object tree by double-clicking on the instance.
The properties (Command classes see device list ) of the device can be displayed under "Show" after "Loading". Status variables are added automatically and can be checked in the object tree.


To grant IP-Symcon access to certain functions (e.g. Z-Wave device database) from the outside it may be necessary to set them up in the firewall. Further information can be found under Firewall.

Setup Video-Tutoria

Special equipment - Setup

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