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To enable a simple and easy installation, it is recommended to buy the Tricklestar USB stick (now called Gateway) and the Tricklestar Remote (now called Inclusion Controller). On this hardware these instructions for installing and setting up the system in IP-Symcon are based. Perform the following steps, to be able to address your devices via IP Symcon.

Configuration of Gateway and Inclusion Controller

The list shows all on the gateway learned devices and their connections in IP-Symcon. Colour coding can be seen here.

If a red error message is displayed in the lower area, just click on it and open in the I/O instance the serial port and select the correct one. Confirm the dialog with OK. The configuration page should close and the red error message should disappear on the gateway configuration.

This operation deletes all the links that were already set up on the gateway.


The Inclusion controller teaches all new devices. It sends the device information automatically to the USB gateway, so that IP-Symcon can see and operate these devices. IP-Symcon can also be operated without SIS/SUC. This has the disadvantage that new devices must be programmed directly on the gateway because the teach-in is only possible on low-power mode and thus has a short range. The method with the inclusion controller is capable of routing and makes an ideal setting possible, including the calculation of the correct routing tables. In the mode without SIS/SUC after the successful placement of the device a optimization of the routing tables must be made in order to ensure a stable network.

Check whether the Tricklestar remote is in configuration mode (see Tricklestar instructions).

Teaching the devices

If you want to move the location of a device, you must remove it on the network, and afterwards resume again in the network!

Special devices - equipment

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Tested devices

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Supported command classes