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boolean HM_WriteValueBoolean (integer $InstanceID, string $Parameter, boolean $Value)


InstanceID ID of the device to be switched

Parameter that should be set. The name of the parameter can be taken from the data point list or as "Ident" in the tab "Status Variables" in IP-Symcon.


true or false


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Sets the Parameter of the device with ID InstanceID to value Value.

The Parameter value you can derive based on the name of the state variable. In the parameter list some examples are given. Based on the type of variable you can also see the needed HM_WriteValue function.

Additional datapoints can be taken from the HomeMatic data point list.

If the error message Failure occurs, this is usually due to a bad wireless connection.


// Switch device on
HM_WriteValueBoolean(12345, "STATE", true);
// Lock device
HM_WriteValueBoolean(12345, "INHIBIT", true); 
// Switch on display light
HM_WriteValueBoolean(12345, "BACKLIGHT", true);
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