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NEA Smart

Require: IP-Symcon >= 4.0

The module is used for receiving and switching NEA Smart data.

Scope of functions

  • Setting variables via script command or WebFront.
  • Reading out the data of the NEA Smart

Software installation

Setting up the instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under "Add instance" the 'NEA Smart' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration Page:

Name Description
IP address IP address of NEA Smart
Interval Adjustable interval in seconds in which the data of the NEA Smart should be queried. (Default: 0)
Heating zone 1..12 Activates the readout of the respective heating zone. (The heating circuits are always all read out)
"Read out device" Reads out the data manually. Must also be done once at the beginning.

status variables and profiles

The status variables/categories are created automatically. Deleting individual ones can lead to malfunctions.

Status variables

The variables are created automatically.

Name (base) Type Description
Base Setback Difference Temperature Float Serves as a "category" in which all monitored locations, as well as the time stamp and longitude/latitude are located. Created per device.
Base Setback Input Boolean
Basic Automatic Time Change Boolean On/Off of automatic time change
Basic Operating Mode Heating/Cooling (CO input) Boolean Controls the operating mode (On = cooling, Off = heating)
Basic Frost Protection Boolean On/Off of Frost Protection
Basic Frost Protection Temperature Integer Temperature of Frost Protection
Base HW Version String Hardware Version of the Base
Base ID String Base ID
Base Cooling Mode Boolean Cooling Mode On/Off
Base Rank in System Network Integer Edge of Base (0 = Standalone, 1 = Master, 2 = Slave)
Base Smartstart on/off Boolean On/off of Smartstart
Base SW ETH Version String Software Version Ethernet
Basic SW STM Version String Software Version STM
Basic Dewpoint Sensor Boolean On/Off of Dewpoint Sensor
Basic Temperature Limiter Boolean On/Off of Temperature Limiter
Basic Temperature Unit Integer Setting whether Fahrenheit or Celsius (0 = °C, 1 = °F)
Basic Vacation Status Integer Vacation Status (0 = off, 1 = scheduled, 2 = active)
Base Vacation Temperature Heating Float Temperature during vacation

Name (heating zone 1..12) Type Description
Heating zone 01..12 actual temperature Float Current actual temperature
heating zone 01..12 set temperature float set temperature
Heating zone 01..12 Operating mode Integer Operating mode of heating zone (0 = Auto, 1 = Day, 2 = Night)
Heating Zone 01..12 Actual Temperature Ext. Sensor Float Current Actual Temperature of External Sensor
Heating zone 01..12 Presence Boolean On/Off of presence
Heating zone 01..12 Heating system Integer The heating system used (0 = FBH standard, 1 = FHB low energy, 2 = radiator, 3 = convector passive, 4 = convector active)
Heating zone 01..12 Correction of actual value recording Float Correction of actual value (-2.0 .. +2.0)
Heating zone 01..12 Name String Name of heating zone
Heating zone 01..12 Party switching (hours) Integer How many hours the party switching should run
Heating zone 01..12 Party time remaining (min) Integer How long the party mode is still active
Heating zone 01..12 Weekend program Integer Which time program is active at the weekend
Heating zone 01..12 Program weekdays Integer Which time program is active during the week
Heating zone 01..12 Setpoint temperature max Float Setting range setpoint temperature (maximum)
Heating zone 01..12 Set temperature Min Float Adjustment range set temperature (minimum)
Heating zone 01..12 Status Boolean Status display (0 = OK, 1 = Error)

Name (heating zone 1..12) Type Description
Heating circuit 1..12 Active Boolean Whether the heating circuit is active (0 = No, 1 = Yes)
Heating circuit 1..12 Actuator Boolean On/Off of actuator
Heating circuit 1..12 actuator percent Integer Percentage activity of the actuator (Only with SW STM version 2.02 or higher)
Heating Circuit 1..12 Status Integer Status (0 = Off, 1 = On, 2 = Error)
Heating circuit 1..12 assigned heating zone Integer Which heating zone is connected to the heating circuit


Name Type
NEAS.AntifreezeTemp Integer
NEAS.TemperatureUnit Integer
NEAS.SummerWinter Boolean
NEAS.ChangeOver Boolean
NEAS.Mode Integer
NEAS.EcoDiff Float
NEAS.VacationState Integer
NEAS.PumpTime Integer
NEAS.RelayTime Integer
NEAS.EmergencyTime Integer
NEAS.PWMCycle Integer
NEAS.PWMPercent Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaMode Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaProgram Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaParty Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaPartyRemainingTime Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaState Boolean
NEAS.HeatAreaRPMMotor Integer
NEAS.HeatingSystem Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaTActualTemp Float
NEAS.HeatAreaTTarget Float
NEAS.HeatAreaTHeatCool Float
NEAS.HeatAreaOffset Float
NEAS.HeatAreaBlockHC Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaHeatCTRLState Integer
NEAS.HeatAreaNo Integer
NEAS.HeatCtrlActorPercent Integer


Through the WebFront or in the mobile apps, values are displayed and can be changed if possible.
Due to the amount of variables, we recommend to disable the display of the entire NEA Smart in the management console and to display all desired variables via links in a separate category.

Any questions?