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The installation is only possible with a valid subscription. However, an existing backup can be used to restore the software even without subscription. See Change of Platform


A regular backup is recommended to ensure that your system is as current as possible in case of a defect. Even more, an active subscription is required to download IP-Symcon anew in case of a complete loss of data.



System Requirements

The version overview shows which version of IP-Symcon is compatible with which MacOS version.


Download: Setup

Extract the ZIP file and copy its contents to the programs folder.
Start the program. Install service respectively and start.

The IP-Symcon WebFront should be reachable at http://ipadresse:3777/.
The IP-Symcon web based Management Console can be called via http://ipadresse:3777/console/. Alternativly, the Pro Console can be used.

Where is what?

  • /Library/Application Support/Symcon (Settings, scripts, media...)
  • /Library/Logs/Symcon (Logfiles...)

Set Remote Access Password

Remote Access provides a tutorial for configuring remote access.


The latest version can be downloaded and installed by clicking on the tray icon and choosing "Check for Updates ‑> Install Update". Once the installation is complete, the service needs to be stopped and restarted via the tray icon.

Update MacOS


Stopping Service/Server

The service can be stopped by clicking "Stop Service" in the context menu of the tray application.

Stop service

Uninstall Service/Server

Via the "information" dialog the context menu can be opened. It should look like this:



"Uninstall" removes the service from the system.

Delete IP-Symcon

To finalize the uninstallation, the complete IP-Symcon folder must be deleted or moved to the bin.

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