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The installation is only possible with a valid subscription. However, an existing backup can be used to restore the software even without subscription. See Change of Platform

A regular backup is recommended to ensure that your system is as current as possible in case of a defect. Even more, an active subscription is required to download IP-Symcon anew in case of a complete loss of data.



Version Requirements

The version overview shows which version of IP-Symcon is compatible with which Windows version.


Download: Setup (64-Bit)

IP-Symcon is one of the few programs that enables a clean installation and uninstalls without residue as it does not create a huge load of entries in the Windows registry. It merely stores the license key.


An internet connection is required to install IP-Symcon. If no connection is available on the target computer, IP-Symcon needs to be installed on another computer and copied to the target computer afterwards.


The following window should appear after starting the setup:

Step 1

The next step is reached after comfirming the dialog with "Next".

Provide Lizense Data

It is possible to either use a demo version or a complete license by entering a user name and the license file. Afterwards, "Next" finishes the dialog.

The user name usually corresponds to the e-mail address used in the ordering process.

Step 2

The subscription is checked now.

It is only possible to install IP-Symcon with a valid subscription unless you install the demo version.

  • When the subscription has expired, an extension can be ordered in the shop: Shop
  • If no connection to the server can be established, please check to internet connection and the proxy settings.

After accepting the terms of license, a fitting path needs to be chosen (e.g., C:\IP-Symcon) and confirmed with "Next".

It is recommended not to install IP-Symcon in the program folder to avoid problems with virtual paths. This simplifies administration as user data is not stored in the ProgramData folder.

The button "Install" starts the copying of files.

After a click on "OK", the installation on the system is done. Depending on the activated options, the IP-Symcon service and the IP-Symcon tray application are started automatically.

The IP-Symcon WebFront should be reachable at http://ipadresse:3777/.
The IP-Symcon web based Management Console can be called via http://ipadresse:3777/console/. Alternativly, the Pro Console can be used.

Set Remote Access Password

Remote Access provides a tutorial for configuring remote access.


The newest version can be downloaded and installed by right clicking on the tray icon and choosing "Check for Updates ‑> Download". The service needs to terminate once during the update and is automatically rebooted afterwards.

Update Windows


Stop Service

The service can be stopped by clicking "Stop Service" in the context menu of the tray application.

Stop service

Uninstall Service/Server

The dialog "Information" can be by the context menu. It should look like this:



"Uninstall" removes the service from the system.

Delete IP-Symcon

Finalize the uninstallation by deleting the complete IP-Symcon folder.

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