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Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.3

The module triggers an alarm when one of the sensor variables becomes active. In this case, target variables are set to the maximum value or On (True) in the event of an alarm. Once an alarm has been switched, it is not automatically deactivated; it must be reset manually.

Function scope

  • Configuration of sensor and target variables via list selection, which trigger the alarm or are switched in the event of an alarm
  • Adjustable switch-on delay
  • Switching on/off via WebFront button or script function
  • Conversion function for old versions of the alarm module

software installation

Setting up the instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under "Add Instance" the 'Alerting' module can be found using the quick filter.

configuration page

Name Description
Button "Conversion" (Only shown if the lists are empty and old links are present) If an old version of the module has been detected, the old links can be merged into the new lists by pressing a button. If this is successful, a message window appears.
Sensor variables This list contains the variables that trigger an alarm when updated to an active value. Variables with the value true or a value unequal 0 are considered active. If the variable has a .reversed profile, the values false and 0 are considered active.
Target variables This list contains the variables that are switched on alarm. These must contain a default action or action script.
Switch-on delay If greater than 0, the alarm will only be active after the set time.

status variables and profiles

The status variables/categories are created automatically. Deleting individual ones can lead to malfunctions.

Status variables

Name Type Description
Active Boolean Disables/enables alerting. If the alarm is deactivated, any existing alarm will also be deactivated as well as all selected target variables.
Time to activation String Displays the remaining time during the activation process.
Alarm Boolean Deactivates/activates the alarm and all selected target variables.
Active Sensors String Lists all active sensors and is hidden if none are active.


The WebFront can be used to disable/enable alarms.
It is also displayed whether there is an alarm or not. A list of all still active sensors is displayed. The alarm can also be de-/activated manually.

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