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Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.3

The Spotify module allows linking to a Spotify Premium account. Playback can be controlled via the account. Thus, it is possible to start a playback or to change or stop the current playback. Options like repeat or random playback can also be set. Favorites are stored within the module, which can then be conveniently retrieved from the visualization.

range of functions

  • Linking to a Spotify Premium account
  • Play or pause playback
  • Switch to next or previous song
  • Select or change device for playback
  • Save and recall favorites
  • Enable repeat or shuffle playback


  • Spotify Premium account

Software Installation

Setting up instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under 'Add Instance', the 'Spotify' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration Page:

Initially, the module needs to be linked to a Spotify Premium account by clicking on the 'Register' button. The click opens a login dialog from Spotify. After entering the user data, the link must be confirmed. After that, all functions of the module are available.

Advanced settings

Name Description
Refresh interval In this interval the values of the status variables are matched with the current playback of Spotify. This includes the device, play or pause, shuffle and repeat
Cover: Maximum width Maximum width of the displayed cover
Cover: Maximum height Maximum height of the displayed cover


Name Description
Search This field is used to enter a search term for a search
Search by Albums Specifies whether the next search should include albums
Search for Artists Specifies whether the next search should include artists
Search by Playlists Specifies whether the next search should include playlists
Search for Songs Specifies whether the next search should include songs
Start Search Starts a search
Search results This list contains the results of the current search - By activating the field "Favorite" a result can be added to the favorites

The list "Your Playlists" contains the playlists of the linked Spotify account. These can be added to the favorites via the "Favorite" field. The "Favorites" list contains the set favorites. Favorites can be removed by clicking on the trash can icon.

status variables and profiles

The status variables/categories are created automatically. Deleting individual ones can lead to malfunctions.

Status variables

Name Type Description
Current Cover HTMLBox The cover of the currently played album is displayed here, if available
Current Song string The name of the currently played song is displayed here
Current Artist string The artist of the currently played song is displayed here
Current Album string The album of the currently played song is displayed here
Action integer Here you can start or pause a playback. It is also possible to switch to the previous or next song
Device integer With this variable a playback device can be selected. If a playback is currently active, it will be switched to the new device
Favorite integer This variable represents the favorites configured in the module. By selecting a favorite, it will be played on the currently selected device
Repeat integer This variable can be used to activate the repeat function - "Off": No repeat, "Context": The current context, i.e. album, playlist, ... is repeated, "Song": The current song is repeated
Random Play boolean Enables or disables random play


name type
Spotify.Favorites. Integer
Spotify.Devices Integer
Spotify.Repeat Integer


Via the WebFront or in the mobile apps status variables are displayed and can be switched.

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