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Require: IP-Symcon >= 6.0

Allows sending messages to specified persons and performing actions within IP-Symcon.

function scope

  • Send messages (to all or individual persons)
  • Send images (from media) (to all or individual people)
  • Respond to chat commands with actions


  • A Telegram Bot

Create Telegram Bot

  • In the Telegram client, search for BotFather
  • Use /newbot to create a new bot
  • Under the username the bot can be found and should be populated with for example random numbers
  • In the Telegram client search for RawDataBot
  • When the bot is contacted, it returns some data, from which you can get your own userID
    • This process must be repeated for each user that should be reached by the bot
  • Write the bot with /start to start it

software installation

Instance setup in IP-Symcon

  • Under 'Add Instance', the 'TelegramBot' module can be found using the quick filter.


Name Description
Bot API Key The API key of the created bot
Bot Username The username of the created bot
Users A list of users that can be contacted by the bot
Actions A list of commands and their actions



This action can be used to send an image to the selected recipient


  • Image: the media object to be sent
  • Recipient: A specific person or all persons defined in the user list


With this action a message can be sent to the selected recipient


  • Text: The content of the message
  • Recipient: A specific person or all persons defined in the user list

More information about using actions

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