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JKM-868 ThermoJET


The JKM-868 with attached ThermoJET is used to read out the individual values of the ThermoJET temperature controller.


In order to be able to receive data, the virtual COM port driver from Silicon Labs (CP210x) must first be installed on Windows and the USB-T 868 radio transceiver must be connected. In IP-Symcon, “JKM-868 (ThermoJET)” must be added. The parent instances (e.g. the gateway) are created automatically.
Alternatively, the 868 LAN gateway can also be used. A “client socket” with the appropriate settings must be selected as the “parent instance”.


The DeviceID defaults to 166 and must be added to the address of the respective device. Example: The ThermoJET has the address 17 - so 183 must be entered here. The ThermoJET has 8 inputs - if more than 4 temperature guides are connected, every second JKM instance with the mode setting: “Input (5-8)” must be added to IP-Symcon.

Variable Description
Output (1) State of the 1st Relay
Output (2) State of the 2nd Relay
Temperature (1..4) Temperature value in °C

Note: If no sensor is connected, the output is -99.9°C


If a second instance is created for input 5-8, the new variables are still called temperature 1-4. These can be renamed if required. The variables for outputs 1+2 are the same in both modes.

Thermo 1

The four temperature channels (inputs) are queried cyclically in the set “interval”. The status of both outputs cannot be actively queried. This is sent automatically after the temperature thresholds set in the ThermoJET have been exceeded or undershot.

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