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The air quality sensor (LGS-868) analyses room air and summarizes the concentration of mixed gases in the air into a usable value (ppm - parts per million).


Technical information and advice on proper ventilation can be found in the following brochure: Download


In order to receive data, an IPS-868 gateway (LAN or USB) must first be connected and set up. The parent instances (e.g. the gateway) are created automatically.


To use the device in IP-Symcon, a new LGS-868 instance (manufacturer: IP-SymCon/ ProJet) must be added.
If parent instances do not yet exist, they are created automatically.

Value Description
Device address The ID:176 is specified by default. If several controllers exist in a system, a new ID must be assigned. The jumper configuration can be found in the operating instructions.

Only one device with the same ID may be present in one wireless network at a time.


The device returns an integer value that returns the measured ppm (parts per million/ millionth share). The official limits can be found in the table below.
The LGS-868 has 3 LEDs (green/yellow/red), which are automatically switched at the IP-Symcon limit values (450-1000/ 1001-1500/ 1501-2100). The automatic can be switched off by setting “Limit (yellow)” and “Limit (red)” to 0 in the configuration page.

ppm Air quality
>2100 Very bad (heavily polluted room air; ventilation required)
2100... 1501 Bad (heavily polluted room air; ventilation required)
1500... 1001 Medium (polluted room air; ventilation recommended)
1000... 801 Satisfactory
800... 601 Good
600... 450 Excellent

Extremely high values above 2100 ppm are rare and are based, for example, on possible alcohols in cleaning products or typical odors in a restroom.

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