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The 4-way servo controller is used to control commercially available model-making servos with the RJ connector system. As a second function, up to four buttons can be connected as control inputs.


In order to communicate with the controller, the USBT-868 or LAN-T-868 gateway must have been installed beforehand. The instance "Servo-868" must be added in IP-Symcon. The parent instances such as the "ProJetGateway" are created automatically. It must be checked whether the correct virtual COM port was selected by the USB gateway. With the LAN-T-868 Gateway, the correct IP address and port must be specified in the "Client Socket".


The default device address is ID:160. If there are more controllers in a system, a new ID must be assigned. The jumper configuration can be found in the operating instructions.

A first test

For a quick first function test, the device must be connected to a suitable power source. It is important to pay attention to the correct polarity. A servo is then connected to the servo output with a flat cable and a plug with a contact spacing of 2.54 mm. As a rule, the brown wire is "minus", red is "plus" and orange is the "PWM" signal. In IP-Symcon, the configuration page can be opened by right-clicking (or double-clicking) on the "Servo-868" instance and then on "Open object". A value between 0 and 255 can be entered in the respective "Channel" in the 'Test Environment'. After "Set Channel n" the servo moves to a new position.

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