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For a Shutter, the degree of opening and optionally the degree of inclination of the slats can be set.


A Shutter can be set either as Variable or as Instance.

As a Variable

A variable that is to be displayed as a Shutter must fulfill the following requirements:

As Instance

An instance can be displayed as a blind if the following child objects are present:

  • Position (optional): Variable as described above with the ~Shutter profile
  • Degree of rotation (optional): Variable as described above with the ~Lamella profile

At least one optional variable must exist.


The default size of Shutters can be configured separately in the grid settings for variables as "Shutter Variable" and instances as "Shutter"

Appearance in Tile Visualization

As own Tile

Shutter as Tile

Within a List

In the list view, the visualization falls back to the presentation List.

Jalousie in Liste

Appearance in the WebFront

This presentation is not supported by the WebFront. Instead, variables are displayed as Slider and instances are displayed as List.

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