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External Page

This item allows the display of external websites. Both locally stored pages and external websites can be displayed. It is also possible to have the page updated automatically at a certain interval.

external page

External Websites

External websites are specified in the normal URL format, e.g.: https://www.symcon.de.


  • Title: Title for the item in the TabPane navigation. By default, "External Page" will be displayed.
  • Icon: Icon that appears next to the title in the TabPane navigation. By default, no icon will be displayed.
  • URL: Specify the address of the page which content will be displayed.
  • Interval: Optionally, an automatic refresh interval for the page can be specified in seconds.
  • Security: Optionally, the Sandboxing option can be disabled. In some cases, this may cause the external page to disable your WebFront and to present itself in full size.
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