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The SplitPane is a layout element that can split two sub-elements horizontally or vertically. In this way it is possible to display, for example a Content Changer with camera views next to a category. As SplitPanes and other layout elements such as other SplitPanes and TabPanes can be inserted below, infinite and individual layout adjustments are possible.


Subdivision of sub-elements

The "Subdivision" property allows you to set whether the two sub-elements of the SplitPane should be displayed one above the other (horizontal division) or side by side (vertical division). The available space for each sub-element is defined by the properties "Size", "Size unit" and "Ratio Target". "Ratio Target" defines whether the first or second sub-element should be configured via "Size" and "Size unit". The target element is then assigned the space specified by the "Size" property in the set "Size unit".


An image with a picture width of 640 pixels should be displayed to the right side of a category. In order to do this, you assign the vertical value to the SplitPane property, set the "Ratio target" to the second element, "Size" to 640, and "Size unit" to pixel. Now create a sub-element of type category and a sub-element of type content changer in the WebFront configurator below the SplitPane. For the sub-elements, the position should be set so that the category Position 0 and the content changer are given Position 1. Now the sub-elements can be configured to display the desired category and image.


Property Description
Title Title for the item in the TabPane navigation. By default, "SplitPane" will be displayed.
Icon Icon that appears next to the title in the TabPane navigation. By default, no icon will be displayed.
Subdivision Here you can select whether the division of the two sub-elements should be horizontal or vertical. By default, it is divided horizontally.
Size The size of the sub-element selected for the division according to the size unit. The default value is 50.
Size unit Here you can select whether the size refers to percent or to pixels. By default, percent will be taken.
Target ratio This property allows you to choose whether the first or the second sub-element of the SplitPane will be displayed according to the specified size specification. By default, the first item will be selected.
Show margin With this property, it can be defined whether if a margin should be shown to separate the sub-elements. By default, the margin is shown.
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