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Content Changer

The Content Changer is used to display the following objects:


Content Changer

If a displayable object is selected as source object in the configurator, only that object will be displayed. Otherwise, all displayable immediate child objects of the selected source object will be selected for display. If more than one displayable child object is found, a selection list for switching between the child objects will be displayed. For editable string variables of Type ~TextBox, a button will also be displayed to call the on-screen keyboard in order to edit the text. Switching between the objects to be displayed can also take place automatically if a change interval is specified.


  • Title: Title for the item in the TabPane navigation. If no individual value is specified, the name of the selected object is shown.
  • Icon: Icon that appears next to the title in the TabPane navigation. By default, no icon will be displayed.
  • Source object: The object that is displayed directly or whose child objects are shown.
  • Change interval: Interval in seconds, in which automatic switching takes place between the displayed objects. The default value "0" disables the function.
  • Upscale: _This option indicates, whether images to be displayed are automatically scaled up when space is available. By default, it is not scaled up.
  • Downscale: If this option is activated, images will be automatically downscaled if there is not enough space available. The option is enabled by default.
  • Maintaining the aspect ratio: If scaling up or downscaling is enabled, this option allows you to set whether or not to maintain the aspect ratio of the scaled images when scaling. By default, the aspect ratio will be maintained.
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