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Info Widget

The Info-Widget offers the possibility to display in the widget - area of a TabPane, a fixed icon, a dynamic icon for a variable or a textual variable value. In addition, a script can be selected that will be executed by clicking on the widget.

Display Variants

Icon - Display Text presentation
  • A fixed icon can be selected in order to display the Icon property. It should be noted that neither type nor variable may be specified.
  • A dynamic icon will be displayed when a variable is specified and type is set to Icon. Which icons will be displayed and which icons are available by default is described under Icons. If the "transparent" icon is displayed, then the widget is hidden. In this way, information - icons can be dynamically inserted, e.g.: when a device needs a battery change.
  • The current variable value is formatted textually using the variable profile associated with the variable if a variable is specified and the type is set to text.


  • Icon: Here a fixed icon can be selected for display.
  • Type: The type determines whether a variable should be displayed as text or as an icon.
  • Variable: Here you can select a variable that will be displayed according to the selected type.
  • When clicking: A script, which is executed by clicking on the widget, can be set here.
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