Device Support

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All devices from renowned hardware vendors

IP-Symcon supports a variety of devices that integrate seamlessly. Thus, IP-Symcon is suitable for almost every household / building and is also equipped for expansion in the future. The vendor-specific lock-in is eliminated and the selection of the best products across all manufacturers is possible.

Integration: Made in Germany

All native hardware connections in IP-Symcon were created by the Symcon team in Lübeck. This allows us to ensure that any problems can be addressed immediately, as there are no external dependencies. Especially for large integrations like KNX, BACnet or OPC UA we can rely on the decades of expertise in protocol implementation.

SymBox Multi-Gateway

Connect isolated solutions

With IP-Symcon you are no longer tied to a single manufacturer. Mix various devices from different manufacturers. Always choose the best product for your application.


Convenient Configuration

Configurators, which are available for most systems, help you while setting up. If possible, devices are automatically detected or read from an existing data point list. You only select the devices that you want to operate in IP-Symcon.

Even more variety with the Module Store

The Module Store extends IP-Symcon with many more devices. These are created by partners, manufacturers, and the community. Before being available in the Module Store they are carefully reviewed by our staff. Browse the Module Store in the element above to check compatibility of your devices.

Virtual Assistants

IP-Symcon offers suitable integrations for the virtual assistants Amazon Alexa und Google Assistant. Also the Module Store offers an Apple HomeKit integration which is developed by our community.

Operating Systems

IP-Symcon can be used on our SymBox, or one of the many supported operating systems, hardware platforms and architectures. These include the Raspberry Pi, NAS systems such as Synology and QNAP, Docker, Apple MacOS and of course Microsoft Windows. For a detailed overview, see the System Requirements in our documentation.

SymBox Multi Building

Connect various buildings and same systems with each other

IP-Symcon can also be used beyond the family home for visualization and integration. Several buildings that have different or the same systems installed can be managed by a single IP-Symcon. We will gladly assist you with the installation and configration process: Contact us

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