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The presence control module AKM 868 consists of a small remote control in keychain format in an oval housing (size: 55 44 15 mm) and a repeater. The remote has a button with a dual function: short and long press. This enables two devices (e.g. light and a garage door) to be switched on or off. The special feature of this handset is that it sends a 'ping' approximately every 40 seconds. It consists of a unique ID, which is analyzed by IP Symcon. If the tracker is no longer within range, a corresponding variable is set to FALSE after five minutes. In this way, certain scenarios can be started when leaving or entering the apartment.
The battery lasts at least six months - according to current knowledge even more than a year (pure ping operation). Data is transmitted via the 868 MHz frequency band.


In order to be able to receive data, an 868 Gateway (LAN or USB) must first be connected and set up. "AKM-868 (Tracker)" must be added in IP-Symcon. The parent instances (e.g. the gateway) are created automatically.


To use the device in IP Symcon, add a new AKM-868 instance (manufacturer: IP Symcon/ ProJet):

  • DeviceID:
    As standard 0 is specified. This means that of all the repeaters data can be received. To specifically select a device, e.g. the 160 can be selected.
    Jumper assignment (view in the device, antenna above, bottom 2 jumpers pairs):
    160: both open
    161: right closed
    162: left closed
    163: both closed

  • TrackerID:
    To change the ID, the button must be held down while inserting the battery.
    The ID is automatically generated by the tracker. This is retained even after a battery change.
    Most of the time the TrackerID is: 8191 (Default)

If a 'ping' is received, 'Available' is automatically set to TRUE, and in addition, the time stamp in 'Update' updated. If no 'Ping' signals are received for more than five minutes (fixed, unchangeable), 'Available' is set to FALSE. Additionally, the key shots are evaluated. (For 'Special' both buttons are pressed simultaneously - old version: with two keys.)


Note that the key variables always remain TRUE and only the timestamp changes.


Tips & Tricks

  • The receiver sensitivity of the repeater can be set to "HI / LO". To do this, the jumper next to the ATMEL processor must be bridged (low reception sensitivity).
    If the transmission power is low (LO), the approximate position of the remote control can be determined with a second or third AKM. Of course, this is highly dependent on the respective local conditions. However, a distinction - such as basement, garden or upper floor - should be possible.
  • In order to significantly increase the range of the remote control, the SMD antenna can be replaced by a wire antenna (Lambda district: 87mm). This is available from us on request.


  • If the tracker is not recognized despite a new battery, the TrackerID must be reassigned (see above) and then re-taught in the tracker module with "Search".
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