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The watchdog timer is used to monitor computer systems and individual programs. A "sign of life" is sent cyclic from the PC to the WDT. If this is not received correctly, can via a potential free contact e.g. a siren ca be activated or a hardware reset can be executed.
Additionally, the UM-relay (5A/230V) can be turned on and off, or to be addressed by a timer (65,535 sec). The unit also has a pushbutton input at leisure. The status is shown as a variable in IP Symcon.


To receive data, previously on Windows must be the [virtual comport driver from Silicon Labs (CP210x)] installed[1] and the T-USB 868 radio transceiver connected. In IP Symcon 'WDT-868' must be added. The parent instances (e.g. the gateway) are automatically created.


In the DeviceID 165 will be set (Position 0). This can be changed by turning the coding switch to 174 (Position 9).

Variable Description
Input False: Button is open / True: Button is pressed
Status False: Relay de-energized / True: Relay energized
Timer Time in seconds, after the relay changes its status

After the timer expires, the WDT sends the new state of the relay. The state variable is updated accordingly (no simulation). By an active timer the LED blinks every second.
A brief flash signals a radio commands in IP Symcon-868 radio system[/i]


Only one device with the same ID may be present in a radio network.

Tipps & Tricks

To the two contacts of the switch e.g. an external switch (doorbell, motion sensors, photocells, etc.) can be connected.

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