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Creates a horizontal slider that can be moved between the values of "minimum" and "maximum".



Parameter Description
caption Caption of the slider
download (optional) (default: "") If this parameter is not an empty string and the output of the onChange script is a Data-URL, the output is downloaded as a text file with the name of the download parameter. (since IP-Symcon 7.0)
enabled (optional) (default: true) If true, the slider can be used, otherwise it is displayed as deactivated (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
link (optional) (default: false) If this parameter is true, the output of the onChange script is opened as a link. If it is false, the output is displayed as a dialog in the configuration form. (since IP-Symcon 6.0)
maximum (optional, since IP-Symcon 5.3) (default: 100) Maximum value that can be set in the slider
minimum (optional, since IP-Symcon 5.3) (default: 0) Minimum value that can be set in the slider
name (optional) Name of the slider
onChange (optional, since IP-Symcon 5.3) (default: "") Script which is executed when the controller is moved. If the script consists of several lines, the individual lines can also be defined as an array (arrays are supported since version 6.0). It has the same properties as onClick of the Button
stepSize (optional) (default: 1) Step size in which the slider can be adjusted (since IP-Symcon 5.3)
type Horizontal slider
value (optional) (default: minimum) The value of the slider - If there is an associated property, the parameter in the elements area is overwritten by the property (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
visible (optional) (default: true) If true, the slider is visible, otherwise it is invisible (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
width (optional) (default: 300px) Fixed width of the slider in pixels or % as a string, e.g. "40%" or "250px" (since IP-Symcon 5.3)


// The example returns the InstanceID.
    { "type": "HorizontalSlider", "name": "Slider", "caption": "ID-slider", "minimum": 0, "maximum": 16, "onChange": "echo $id;" }
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