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Creates an input field for text with the heading caption.
If created in the “elements” area, the ValidationTextBox sets a property to the entered string when accepted.
The parameter "name" defines which property is set.



Parameter Description
caption Visible caption of the input field
enabled (optional) (default: true) If true, the input field can be used, otherwise it is displayed as deactivated (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
multiline (optional) (default: false) If true, the input field is expanded to several lines if necessary. This can happen through deliberately set line breaks, e.g. by pressing Enter, as well as in the event of an overflow. If false, the input field always remains in one line (since IP-Symcon 5.4)
name (optional) Name of the input field/the property to be set
type ValidationTextBox
validate (optional) (default: "") If the value does not meet the regular expression specified here, an error is displayed and changes cannot be adopted (since IP-Symcon 5.3)
value (optional) (default: "") The value of the input field - If there is an associated property, this parameter is overwritten by the property in the elements area (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
visible (optional) (default: true) If true, the input field is visible, otherwise it is invisible (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
width (optional) (default: 300px) Fixed width of the input field in pixels or % as a string, e.g. "40%" or "250px" (since IP-Symcon 5.3)


{ "type": "ValidationTextBox", "name": "IPAddress", "caption": "Host" }
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