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Creates an input field for passwords with the heading caption.
If created in the "Elements" area, the PasswordTextBox sets a property to the entered String when accepted.
The parameter "Name" defines which property is set.



Parameters Description
caption Visible caption of the password input field
enabled (optional) (default: true) If true, the PasswordTextBox can be used, otherwise it is displayed as deactivated (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
name (optional) Name of the password input field/the property to be set
type PasswordTextBox
validate (optional) (default: "") If the value does not meet the regular expression specified here, an error is displayed and changes cannot be accepted (since IP-Symcon 5.3)
value (optional) (default: "") The value of the PasswordTextBox - If there is an associated property, this parameter is overwritten by the property in the elements area (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
visible (optional) (default: true) If true, the image is visible, otherwise it is invisible (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
width (optional) (default: 300px) Fixed width of the input field in pixels or % as a string, e.g. "40%" or "250px" (since IP-Symcon 5.3)


{ "type": "PasswordTextBox", "name": "Password", "caption": "Passwort" }
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