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Creates a label that provides an overview.



Parameter Description
caption visible caption
label visible caption (outdated, cannot be changed)
link (optional) (default: true) If this parameter is set, URLs within the label that begin with "http://" or "https://" are displayed as links (since IP-Symcon 5.3)
name (optional) Name of the label
type Label
visible (optional) (default: true) If true, the label is visible, otherwise it is invisible (since IP-Symcon 5.2)
width (optional) Fixed width of the label in pixels or % as a string, e.g. "40%" or "250px". If the value is not set or "", the width is automatically selected based on the caption (since IP-Symcon 5.3)


{ "type": "Label", "caption": "Press learn after you have put the device into learn mode" }
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