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Scenes (deactivatable)

Requires: IP-Symcon >= 5.0

Scenes are expert devices and are only shown if the corresponding Expert Option is set.


Devices a the type Scene (deactivatable) can be activated and deactivated and execute any kind of action in the process.


Name Description
Name Name that is used to address the device via Amazon Alexa
ActivateScript A script that is executed on activation of the scene
DeactivateScript A script that is executed on deactivation of the scene

It is possible to use the same script for activation and deactivation and determine via Invalid Link: System Variable whether the scene was activated or deactivated.

Possible Actions

Action Description Possible Sentence for Activation
Activate Scene Execute the ActivateScript "Alexa, activate <Name>."
Deactivate Scene Execute the DeactivateScript "Alexa, deactivate <Name>."
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