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Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.3


Television is an expert device and is only shown if the corresponding Expert Option is set.


For devices of the type Television, diverse parameters be set. The device can be switched on and off, change the channel, set the volume, supports muting and can change the input. When a television supports only some of these properties, only the corresponding variables need to be defined.


Name Description
Name Name that is used to address the device via Amazon Alexa
Switch Variable A triggerable variable of type Boolean, that switches the device on or off (optional)
Channel Variable A triggerable variable of type Integer with a profile that has associations and step size 0. The associations need to be numbered consecutively and start with 0 or 1 (optional)
Volume Variable A triggerable variable of type Integer or Float that controls the volume (optional)
Mute Variable A triggerable variable of type Boolean, that controls the muting (optional)
Input Variable A triggerable variable of type String, that controls the used input (optional)
Supported Inputs The supported inputs for the Input Variable are defined in this list. If the Input Variable is set, at least one input needs to be selected

At least one of the optional variables needs to be defined


When optional variables are not set, Alexa recognizes that the device does not support the corresponding properties. If optional variables are defined later on, a new search for devices needs to be executed before the newly unlocked functions can be used.

Possible Actions

Action Description Possible Sentence for Activation
Switch On or Off Trigger the Switch Variable to True or False "Alexa, switch <Name> on."
Switch to channel Switch the channel variable to the value whose association corresponds to the mentioned channel. For this process, upper and lower case and not differenciated and spaces are ignored "Alexa, change the channel to PBS on <Name>."
Switch to next channel Increase the Channel Variable by 1. If the variable is currently at the last channel, it is set to the first channel instead "Alexa, next channel on <Name>."
Set volume Switch the Volume Variable to the given value "Alexa, switch the volume of <Name> to 40."
Mute or unmute Switch the Mute Variable to True or False "Alexa, mute <Name>."
Change input Switch the Input Variable to the name of the input "Alexa, change the input to DVD on <Name>"

This device type is not supported by the device search.

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