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boolean ENO_SwitchModeEx (integer $InstanceID, boolean $Status, integer $SendMode)


InstanceID ID of the device to be switched
Status TRUE for On, FALSE for Off
SendMode 0 = NMessage, 1 = UMessage, 2 = Both (Like ENO_SwitchMode)


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Switches the device with ID InstanceID to value Status

Since the EnOcean system is unidirectional, can not be determined whether the command was successful. Error messages are only sent when an internal system error occurred (for example, if the interface is not connected).

For explanation of NMessage and UMessage you should check out the EnOcean documentation.


ENO_SwitchModeEx(12345, true, 0); //Send NMessage 
IPS_Sleep(500); //Warten
ENO_SwitchModeEx(12345, true, 1); //Send UMessage
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