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Light (Color)

Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.0


Devices of the type Light (Color) describe lamps, that can be switched to any color.


Name Description
Name Name that is used to address the device via Google Assistant
Variable A triggerable Variable of type Integer with the profile ~HexColor, that triggers the color of the light

Possible Actions

Action Description Possible Sentence for Activation
Switch On or Off Trigger the variable to white or black "Ok Google, switch <Name> on."
Dim Trigger the brightness of the current color to the given value "Ok Google, dim <Name> to 40%."
Switch Color Trigger the variable to the given color "Ok Google, switch <Name> to red."

An instance must have status variables with the fitting profiles to be detected by the device search.

Variable Possible Profiles
Variable ~HexColor
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