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Light (Expert)

Requires: IP-Symcon >= 5.0


Devices of the type Light (Expert) describe lamps whose properties within multiple variables can be switched independently.


Name Description
Name Name that is used to address the device via Amazon Alexa
Switch Variable A triggerable variable of type Boolean, that switches the light on or off
Brightness Variable A triggerable variable of type Integer or Float that dims the light (optional)
Color Variable A triggerable Variable of type Integer with the profile ~HexColor, that triggers the color of the light (optional)

If optional variables are not set, Google recognizes that the lamp does not have the corresponding properties. If optional variables are set later on, a device update is required to discover the changed properties.

Possible Actions

Action Description Possible Sentence for Activation
Switch On or Off Trigger the Switch Variable to True or False "Ok Google, switch <Name> on."
Dim Trigger the Brightness Variable to the given value "Ok Google, dim <Name> to 40%."
Switch Color Trigger the Color Variable to the given color "Ok Google, switch <Name> to red."
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