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UDP Socket

Require: IP-Symcon >= 3.3

The UDP socket opens an interface which is often used for communication between the gateway/splitter instance and the connected device. It uses the UDP protocol.

Integration in IP-Symcon

A new UDP socket instance can be created via "+" in the object tree.
The following settings can be made on the configuration page.

Option Description
Open Socket Whether the socket should be open or closed.
Send-Host Which IP address the data should be sent to.
Send-Port On which port the data should be sent.
Receive-Host On which TCP interface the data should be listened to.
Receive-Port On which port the data should be listened to.
Activate Broadcast When activated, the UDP socket sends to the broadcast address of the selected Receive-Host interface. The entered Send-Host address is irrelevant.
Activate Reuse Address Allows other programs to listen to the Receive-Port when the "Reuse address" is also activated.

Only a click on "Apply" saves the settings and then an attempt is made to establish the connection.

Configuration page
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