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Virtual I/O

Require: IP-Symcon >= 3.3

The virtual I/O opens an interface that is used for communication between the gateway/splitter instance and the connected device. It does not use a specific protocol, but is used for test purposes to ensure correct behavior of the connected entities.

The virtual I/O is able to send data packets of the type Simple and Extended (Socket). The rule is that functions with "text" use such simple data packets. Connect, Disconnect and Functions with "Packet" use the extended data packet (Socket).

Integration in IP-Symcon

A new virtual I/O instance can be created via "+" in the object tree.
The following settings can be made on the configuration page.

Option Description
Active Whether the interface should be open or closed.

Only a click on "Apply" saves the settings and then an attempt is made to establish the connection.

Configuration page

For a better understanding, the graphic shows which direction and data packet types are used by the individual commands.

Graphic for commands
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